Business Solutions

We unlock the potential of data to develop your business.

We offer solutions that support clever financial and human resources management,
optimization of costs and effective forecasting. Choose solutions dedicated
to finance and controlling, HR, sales and marketing, or production departments.

Human resources

Manage your most valuable resources efficiently

Employees are the cornerstone of a company. It is great when the HR department cares for the personnel policy, the image on the labor market, ongoing monitoring and evaluation of employee activities. But do you know that thanks to modern IT solutions you can even better manage human resources and gain considerable savings?

We offer our clients proven systems that allow better monitoring of the work of individual departments and specialists, optimization of costs related to business travels as well as mechanisms that will help predict the behavior of employees.

Finance and controlling

Finances always under control

Effective management and control of finances require appropriate tools and knowledge. Our long-time experience in this area has helped us create solutions that allow each organization to effectively manage its resources.

Sales and marketing

Fit modern tools to sales

Marketing analysis has been dynamically changing from a descriptive, single-channel reporting function into an advanced discipline that employs a wide range of research tools and techniques. You can now also use them to better understand your consumer.


Respond to current needs and determine trends

We know that effective forecasting and planning of the right steps plays an important role in production. We use statistical and econometric methods in production-related analyses to support our clients in determining trends and sales volumes. We offer the necessary solutions that allow you to manage production in a conscious way.

Fraud & risk management

Investigate frauds, reduce the risk

External or internal fraud can happen in any organization. We provide our clients with solutions that help detect fraudulent activities and effectively reduce their threat.

Data governance

Effectively manage data

At Elitmind, we assume that the organization’s data management strategy is based on three principles: data should be available, useful and safe. You need to create a proper and continuous process to achieve such a situation. For the process to be created, you need roles, e.g. a data steward, and tools to collect detailed information about data, its sources, descriptions, and quality. We already know that there will be more data and its value will constantly grow. After all, we live in the age of information. Without proper tools, the entire Data Management area would exist only in theory.

Organizations function by means of well-organized and functioning processes. Currently, they are mostly automated and computerized. Here they encounter problems and challenges related to controlling the flow of information between systems. Thanks to the implementation of individual elements of data control, we can successfully minimize the resulting risks. As experts with many years of experience, we offer the following elements of data management:

  • Business Glossary Management
  • Master Data Services
  • Data Quality Services
  • Data Access Control
  • Data History Control

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