MODERN DATA PLATFORM Framework for your digital transformation

Establish one Central Platform in your organization that combines the functionalities of an organized Data Warehouse and the flexibility needed for Advanced Analysts with access to raw data.

Key needs we address

1. Get rid of data silos

We integrate all relevant data from your Organization in One Source of Truth.

2. Restore control over reporting chaos

Establish report governance with self-service data insights.

3. Run managed self-service analytics

Use capabilities of Power BI for self-service analysis without any IT assistance.


4. Store unprocessed data for analytics

Use Data lake to store raw, unprocessed data, which we can supply with all the data generated by our business.

5. Analyze real-time streams

Components such as Azure Stream Analytics will support real-time data streams for further analysis. 

6. Provide Machine Learning models

Enable Azure Machine Learning service, which allows you to work on data directly from the Data Lake layer and share the results anywhere in the ecosystem of the analytical platform.  

Enable Modern Analytics power

If you struggle to manage the collection of Data Warehouses, then the Modern Data Platform will become the evolution for your organization.

Based on the Microsoft Azure platform and Azure Synapse Analytics, we deliver one solution to integrate all your core systems: ElitModern Data Platform.

Accelerate your digital transformation by:

  • Managing platform ready for all data
  • Scalability depending on your needs
  • Enrich analytics through innovative approaches

Platform ready for all data


  • Integrate data from all your business areas despite the format and source of your data
  • Respond to quickly changing business requirements
  • Securing data is mandatory
  • Creating a modern data catalog is key to finding and connecting siloed enterprise data

Scalability depending on your needs


  • Implementation speed. By using cloud services, we create the necessary environment within one day and start the development the next day.
  • Flexibility. Modern analytical platforms based on the cloud enable to use of sophisticated tools delivered basically “on the spot”.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Set up the resources when necessary. This enables a completely new and effective approach to cost management.


Enrich analytics through
innovative approach

  • Development of a scalable environment architecture for analytics and reporting platform.
  • Customize insights thanks to Power BI compatibility
  • Creates smarter organization by building Data science with deep integration of Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services

Solution architecture

Complete end-to-end analytics solution ready for adaptation to your organization environment by:

  • Unified analytics platform
  • Serverless and dedicated options
  • Choice of language
  • End-to-end management and monitoring
  • Enterprise data warehousing
  • Data lake exploration
  • Integrated AI and BI
  • and much more…


Ready for

ElitModern Data Platform ?

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