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We offer modern and safe cloud solutions.

Global access to company data, truly scalable and flexible solutions are only a few of many Microsoft Cloud’s advantages.
Find out how data put in the cloud works for the productivity of your enterprise.

Why you should choose the cloud?

Cloud solutions are today the most effective way to run a business

Quick implementation, ease of use, scalability and access to the latest IT solutions give a competitive advantage for companies around the world. Be a part of it.

What are the benefits of the cloud?

  • An integrated system that you implement independently of the previously used platform.
  • Quickly delivered business value.
  • Lower infrastructure, license and maintenance costs.
  • Access to the latest IT solutions.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Unlimited scalability.
  • Constant data monitoring and real-time analysis (IoT).
  • Big Data – processing large data sets.
  • High security and compliance with GDPR 2018.
  • Ready, intelligent services, such as Cognitive Services.


Services in the cloud

Choose the best solution for your organization

We will prepare a implementation vision and project for a cloud solution depending on your company’s needs, goals and preferences. We will devise an action plan, select appropriate components and calculate annual and monthly costs based on the best optimization methods and our experience. Thanks to this, the cloud solution will be ideally suited to the specific nature of your business to bring you tangible benefits from the very beginning.


Our cloud services:

  • Solution architecture review
    We carry out an audit which verifies, evaluates and prepares the current environment for migration into the cloud.
  • Scalable data platform architecture design and deployment
    We create a data architecture project based on the organization’s specificity and business goal.
  • Migration of current solutions to the cloud
    We perform a comprehensive migration of current Data Centers, Data Warehouses and other solutions.
  • Solution analysis and optimization
    We check how a solution functions and optimize it in terms of price, performance, high availability and security.
  • Cloud management
    We implement tools that allow you to manage the capacity, costs and use of the cloud in your company.
  • Existing cloud solution support
    We help you to familiarize with the principles of operation and how to use the solution.
  • Consultation and training
    We are available to our clients also after the implementation of the solution. We organize training for employees of individual departments and provide consultations whenever necessary.

Business Intelligence in Microsoft Azure

Discover the possibilities of the cloud

It is a collection of the most important capabilities available in Microsoft Azure in the area of Business Intelligence:

  • unlimited space for data collection (Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, HD Insight),
  • online stream analysis and a connection with every data source (e.g. with a specific device),
  • unlimited data analysis possibilities (using Machine Learning or Cognitive Services capabilities),
  • intuitive reporting tools (e.g. Power BI),
  • time and resource optimization (thanks to BI solutions, analysts can prepare reports without the help of IT specialists, and IT specialists can deal with the correct storage and sharing of high-quality data).

ElitAnalitics – Advanced Analytics in Microsoft Azure

Proper data analysis and obtaining good quality information is the gold of our times. To be able to fully use the guidance and the most valuable information, you need to skillfully extract and analyze them by focusing on the problem and the unique nature of the business as well as the prospects for its development. You need expert knowledge and the best tools available on the market to do this. This is what ElitAnalitics is – a collection of the best practices, experience and tools gathered in one service and made available to the client.

Learn more about ElitAnalitics.

Your data is completely safe

See how we protect your data

The issue of data security in the cloud raises many doubts.

In fact, cloud security can be greater than in a traditional data center – especially in case of specialized cloud service providers who fully disclose methodologies that determine the level and type of security used. Many organizations that decide to use an external supplier are companies that, among other things, due to their size, can not afford all the required and often expensive physical security and multi-level security technologies. By choosing to transfer some of their data to the cloud, they have a chance of getting even a higher level of security than the one that they would have to provide themselves.

Cloud solutions are designed with new regulations regarding privacy, data storage and use. We care about absolute security of data collected in the cloud, as well as the GDPR compliance (General Data Protection Regulation).

Find out more about the safety of your data in the cloud: TrustCenter

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