TIME TRACKING TOOLS Get to know the tools to track working time

Effectively monitor and analyze the time of your employees.

Regardless of the mode in which employees perform their tasks, time speaks volumes about particular elements of their work, attitudes, involvement and specificity of the project. At Elitmind, we know that detailed time tracking during the performance of various activities provides comprehensive knowledge that is priceless for company development.

We offer a range of solutions that help you track time and gain the most relevant data from the company’s point of view and manage your employees more effectively. We recommend our solutions in particular to companies using card-based access control systems.

Available analyzes and reports:

  • MANAGEMENT HIERARCHY STRUCTURE – functionality that perfectly supports managers’ work. It allows you to view timesheets of only those employees who belong to the team.
  • REAL WORK TIME – thanks to this functionality you can check the data on time spent only at work in the office. We exclude time spent outside the office.
  • ENTRANCE/EXIT TIME – a solution showing the exact time of an employee coming to the office and the exact time of them leaving the office.

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