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Financial institutions are obligated to prepare specific reports for, e.g. National Polish Bank (NBP), Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG), Ministry of Finance (MF) or P&L. We successfully facilitate this task for our clients. This is done by implementing reporting databases (data warehouses) for finances and generating complete reports using a modern Microsoft Reporting Services tool.


Get to know the Profit and Loss report.

For our clients, we build consistent databases in which data from various source systems are consolidated. As a result, the client not only has all the information in one place but can also upload their own chart of controlling accounts. In addition, we offer our comprehensive support in developing the report.

Creating P&L (Profit & Loss) reports with us means:

  • Fast data consolidation thanks to dedicated connectors with systems such as: SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Navision and many others.
  • Mapping accounts into controlling accounts.
  • Budget data consolidation and creating multiple versions of reports depending on the budget version.
  • Result comparison across many years thanks to built-in comparison mechanisms: year to year, month to month, What-id analysis and many others.
  • Analytical models adapted to the structure of P&L reports.
  • Possibility of reporting in the SaaS model.
  • Access to data at various levels and in various options.

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