COST ANALSYIS Have control over costs

Financial controlling is the backbone of every organization.
Modern BI solutions meet the challenges of present-day controlling and are a guarantee that it will be fast, accurate and easily accessible.


Be aware of full costs.

We have created an analytical model designed for FLC. It is a set of key indicators and reporting capabilities to analyze full employee costs, goods production, services and projects.

Fully Loaded Cost analysis:

  • contains all cost data included in the performance and budget analysis for a given business area,
  • provides valuable data e.g. on real, complete project costs or returns on investments,
  • allows you to quickly identify areas that have deviations from the budget,
  • helps determine behavioral trends for KPIs,
  • contains well-developed indicators based on historical data that enable determining the expected costs.


Forecast costs and make better decisions.

A comprehensive cost and budget implementation analysis is necessary for complete control over any organization, as well as indicators that help to make better decisions in the future. TCAF is an analysis based on advanced techniques. It allows you to track anomalies, predict reliable costs and do a what-if analysis.


Analyze costs through activities.

The Activity Based Costing is vital for cost analysis. Thanks to it, we can accurately assign the incurred costs to specific objects (e.g. products, services, clients). We offer tools that enable attributing resource consumption to activities and cost objects and assign to them an appropriate level of use. Thanks to this functionality, the client can manage costs on an ongoing basis, react to consumption and allocate funds to the areas that need them the most. We use Microsoft technologies and OLAP or Tabular analytical databases to built very efficient ABC Cost Analysis models.

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