PRODUCTION PROCESS MONITORING See what production data can tell you

We offer a full range of solutions for retrieving and analyzing production data in the context of forecasting and production planning.

The production process monitoring includes:

  • IOT reporting from various devices and areas of production processes.
  • Gathering large data sets from machine sensors thanks to the use of on-premise (SQL Server, Hadoop) and cloud (Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud) solutions.
  • Online analysis in the form of a data stream from selected devices, e.g. from a transmission line or transformers.
  • Production Plan Tracking includes applications supporting production process management and monitoring process progress.

PPT solutions bring tangible benefits to our clients, the most important of which are:

  • Integration with MES, CMMS and SCADA systems.
  • Integration with MRP planning systems.
  • Process automation for collecting data from production machines and from the staff.
  • Customized panels and views for users with the possibility of personalization.
  • Improved communication between management through interactive information exchange mechanisms.
  • Automation of the queuing process for production orders and technological operations.
  • Management reporting process automation which supports Board Meeting and QCDSM.
  • The scoreboards in the production hall display key indicators online.

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