CUSTOMER ANALYSIS Get to know your customers

Customer analysis is a 360-degree view at its purchasing activity and preferences.
Learn how to take care of your existing customers using data analysis. Discover how to effectively reach your new customers with your offer and, consequently, build your competitive advantage.


Check customer satisfaction.

We use state-of-the-art text mining techniques to check customer satisfaction:

  • text analysis,
  • sentiment analysis,
  • NLP.

We believe that analysis in this direction is like the best guide, who tells us whether we really listen to the needs of our customers. As part of comprehensive work on customer satisfaction research, we analyze:

  • product quality,
  • customer brand attitude,
  • the success of an advertising campaign.


Profile your clients.

Thanks to the creation of detailed characteristics, we help our clients to increase the activity effectiveness, save time and marketing costs. Find out more about your customers and create ads that will appeal to their tastes.


Check which products will interest the customer.

Intelligent product recommendation systems that we build for our clients have a direct impact on sales growth. We create models, through machine learning, that predict which products could interest the customer considering his previous purchase preferences.


Retain the customer effectively.

Getting new customers is definitely more expensive than retaining previously acquired ones. It’s easier to act when we precisely know the client’s wallet and may respond to their needs. Based on our knowledge and experience, we know how to effectively maintain customer interest.


We offer comprehensive solutions in this area:

  • Customer segmentation – we divide clients into groups according to their characteristics and behaviors, which allows you to better match communication and offer, and predict customer churn trends.
  • Risk factor identification – one of the most important tasks of anti-churn analysis is the identification and neutralization of negative factors that affect the churn. The analysis includes internal factors that we can influence, as well as external factors such as changes in competition’s range of products or services.
  • Identifying customers with the highest churn rate – is a continuous process which includes preventive actions. We offer our clients analytical models that are continuously learning to identify such customer groups while keeping up with the changing conditions.

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