Fully Loaded Cost


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  • Time-consuming analysis of  Fully and Total costs ​
  • Lack of integration with SAP and budgeting system​
  • Data merged in Excel from various SAP sources​
  • Complex calculations


Elitmind consultants provided end-to-end solution covering business data model on the top of SAP BW and budgeting system with dedicated set of controlling calculations and algorithms, data exploration reporting features and mobile reports based on Power BI.

Business impact:

  • Minimize „Excel hell” effect, shorten and automate controlling analysis​
  • Provide integrated data model from various areas (actual, balance) from SAP and budgeting system​
  • Provide easy and quick data exploration capabilities​
  • Provide reports to management​
  • Solution could be fully applied in other controlling areas​
  • Time and cost reduction

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