Cloud utilisation analytics and cross-charge


Worldwide corporation who is pioneering technology leader and sets trends in industrial digitalization.


  • Lack of cross-charge process and control over clouds costs (Azure, AWS, Google and more),
  • Lack of cloud usage information.
  • High cloud consumption costs


Elitmind delivered analytics solution to provide usage information and invoicing for IT, controlling departments and end-users in multi-country environment. Business users utilizing cloud resources now can monitor their cloud spends, analyse resources utilisation and optimise cost effectiveness. Solution provides predefined set of reports and allow end users to create new reports using Power BI. Common and multi vendor analytical model is based on SQL Server Analysis Services or Azure Analysis Services.

Business impact:

  • Replacing manual and time-consuming process with consistent and automated charge-back to IT and controlling departments​,
  • Providing daily billing information to end users allowing to track, optimize and predict cloud costs​,
  • Allowing to measure global clouds adoption program in terms of budget, resources, services usage and future investments​ using common data model integrating multi cloud environment (Microsoft Azure, AWS …).

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