Are we perfect match? Find out what we are looking for in candidates at Elitmind

16 March 2020

As EB and Talent Specialist, I am impressed by our Team – a mix of wide technical skills and soft skills, which are necessary for consulting, are admirable and unique on the market – at Elitmind, no one is by accident.

As a company, we are constantly developing and looking for people for different roles (check our career page) – but most often we are looking for Business Intelligence Consultants. As we specialize in Microsoft technologies and we are also looking for such specialists – it is not easy, but we think that a good match for the team is very important. Match? What match? – you ask. Today I will write about what we are looking for in candidates applying for Elitmind in my debut post on our company blog.

1) Skills
Skills are of course acquired, but we try to ensure that people who join Elitmind commercially work earlier with Business Intelligence technologies – preferably of course with SQL Server, the Azure environment and Power BI. As a Microsoft partner, we value experience in these technologies.

2) Self-development
Each person joining the Elitmind team has a designated development path – Paweł Potasiński – our CTO – is our development supervisor. We are constantly trying to certify in various paths, e.g. regarding Power BI or Azure.
However, development itself is not only certificates: our consultants often appear at various types of events: Data Community meetings, conferences: SQLDay, Azure Day, etc. If you want to build your brand – you couldn’t get better 😊

3) Business orientation
If you see added value in the solutions you build and see the benefits that your work brings to others – you’ve hit the jackpot. Working with the client is every day for us – we try to understand his needs, take his perspective, remembering that we are the creators – the client counts on our knowledge and experience.
So if you like to create, suggest, discover, propose new solutions and other paths – at Elitmind we value such an attitude.

4) Be a Team player
At Elitmind, we value teamwork – we think this is the key to success. Helping and supporting ourselves is in our DNA. This is also what we expect from people who are considering working with us – we are a team and the team is strong and invincible only together.

5) Do you love technological innovations? We too!
If you are waiting for a new Power BI monthly update with flushed face, or you are vividly analyzing Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms and Gartner reports, and by the way you are observing the entire Azure environment – what it looks like and what possibilities it has – it means that we will have a lot what to talk about! This type of news is always lively discussed in our company messenger. 😊

At Elitmind, our experiences are different, but we have a lot in common. If you want to check if Elitmind will match you – let me know at