Elitmind’s Evolution: Building a Strong Cloud Infrastructure and Security Domain – JOIN US!

1 August 2023


At Elitmind, we are dedicated to building our new Cloud Infrastructure and Security Domain with the help of leaders who have experience in developing competencies, and teams, and have the knowledge to execute infrastructure projects – that’s why we welcomed Jakub Fuszara – our new Cloud Infrastructure and Security Domain Lead.

Thanks to a conversation with Maciej Chojnacki, the Head of Delivery at Elitmind, and Jakub Fuszara, the Leader of the newly established Cloud Infrastructure and Security Department, you will learn more about new business domain new vacancies at Elitmind: Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect (Infrastructure)!

Maciej Chojnacki (Head of Delivery): One important aspect is that Jakub combines both experience and expertise in the infrastructure/security area with high competencies in understanding business needs and communicating with clients. Given that Jakub meets all the above-mentioned criteria, I believe he is the perfect person to lead this ambitious task and possesses all the key qualities for us to achieve success.

Aleksandra Jakubczak (EB and PeopleOps Lead): Now, Maciej, where does this team fit within the broader scope of Delivery and what role do they play among other teams?

Maciej Chojnacki: The developing team will be an integral part of our Delivery. Initially, an important task will be to identify competencies within our company that can provide real support in project implementation. At the same time, we are working on expanding the team with key competencies. This will be a process that will take several months. The team’s role is defined by their competency scope, meaning that infrastructure-related projects and security will be the main projects undertaken by Jakub’s team. However, we have already completed several infrastructure-related projects, so flexible collaboration and leveraging existing resources while enriching the team with missing competencies will be crucial.

Aleksandra Jakubczak: Is this a completely new idea or an expansion of an existing field within the company?

Jakub Fuszara (Cloud Infrastructure and Security Domain Lead): Elitmind’s expansion into infrastructure and security is not a new idea, but a natural stage of our development. While data analysis has been our main focus, we have gained strong competencies in infrastructure and security through our projects. We incorporate these skills into our services, diversifying our offerings and meeting client expectations. Our goal is to support organizations in achieving their business goals by developing and optimizing infrastructure while ensuring data security. Ultimately, our Infrastructure and Security team plays a crucial role in our growth and reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions with the utmost security and confidentiality.

Aleksandra Jakubczak: What is the purpose of this new Cloud Infrastructure and Security Domain?

Jakub Fuszara: As the “Microsoft Country Partner of The Year,” Elitmind is the market leader in data and artificial intelligence services. Our success motivates us to continuously develop innovative solutions and build strong competencies in our passion areas.

With a dedicated focus on public cloud infrastructure and security, our new unit aims to provide clients with comprehensive and advanced advisory services. Our goal is to be recognized as the expert and market leader in this field. Trust us to deliver the best solutions for your business’s success.

Aleksandra Jakubczak: What skills are most important for candidates to have in the new Cloud Infrastructure and Security department?

Jakub Fuszara: Effective communication skills are vital for seamless communication with clients, team members, and stakeholders. Collaboration with various team members is often necessary for successful project outcomes. The ability to explain technical concepts clearly to non-technical individuals and think creatively to devise innovative solutions for infrastructure and security strategies tailored to individual client requirements are equally important.

Professionals in infrastructure and security must actively engage with industry advancements, including new technologies, trends, and threats. Continuous learning and skill enhancement are essential for staying up to date in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Aleksandra Jakubczak: What are Elitmind’s plans for growing this Team?

Jakub Fuszara: Promising and dynamic development prospects lie ahead with the increasing demand for cloud infrastructure and security services. Our continuous expansion is driven by the ever-evolving IT market, public cloud advancements, and data security. We focus on technological innovations like artificial intelligence and the zero-trust architecture approach to offer new services and solutions.

Notably, Elitmind extends its services beyond the local market, successfully serving clients in the Middle East. We help them unleash the potential hidden in their data. This new area of activity sets the stage for our company’s growth on a larger scale.

Aleksandra Jakubczak: What makes this new department unique?

Jakub Fuszara: The new business domain of cloud infrastructure and security offers growth potential and excitement. Clients demand innovative solutions to maximize the potential of the public cloud and secure their data. The establishment of the “Cloud Infrastructure and Security” department encourages collaboration, diversifies competencies, and drives success with modern technologies. Join us to pave the way for industry advancements!

Aleksandra Jakubczak: Why candidates should consider applying to your team?

Jakub Fuszara: Embrace the ever-changing fields of infrastructure and security for continuous growth and skill acquisition. This career path is perfect for technology enthusiasts looking to thrive in the IT industry.

You’ll have the opportunity to excel in areas that are vital to the modern business and technology landscape. Your work will make a real impact on data security and infrastructure operations for numerous clients.

Wishing you the best in pursuing your passions!

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