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Manage energy distribution effectively while leveraging the Microsoft Azure technology.




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If you are looking for a solution to effectively manage energy distribution while leveraging Microsoft Azure technology: Elitmind Sustainability Hub is here for you!

It’s time to push #sustainability
further in your organization!

  • As both sun and wind – the basis of renewable energy solutions – are changeable, they are making power generation highly variable and dependent on multiple factors
  • Our solution enables the mitigation of fluctuations in renewable sources of energy, by establishing a network of warehouses that absorbs excess energy and releases it when power is needed
  • Azure Machine Learning forecasting algorithms accurately predict spikes in demand, which helps balance fluctuating energy levels.



Elitmind Sustainability Manager

Microsoft Sustainability Manager is an extensible solution that unifies data intelligence and provides comprehensive, integrated, and automated sustainability management for organizations at any stage of their sustainability journey.

This solution enables organizations to record, report, and reduce their emissions.

Switch to sustainability with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability!

  • Sustainable Platform for Infrastructure transformation: enable the reduction of CO2 emissions via cloud migrations
  • Sustainable Operations: digitalized operations and online collaborative software that facilitates remote work & collaboration management
  • Sustainable Ecosystem for societal development – emerging partnership on tech-enabling sustainability.

ESG Reporting Readiness & Maturity

Depending on the company’s characteristics the ESG reporting requirements will start applying in the EU market between 2024 and 2028, so there is still some time to prepare for
the inevitable.

ESG Reporting Readiness & Maturity Assessment is the best approach to preparing your
organization for the upcoming changes

Identify the areas in your organization that enable ESG reporting:

  • Organization basic information
  • Main stakeholders
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Reporting key indicators
  • Reporting cycle
  • ESG goals/targets
  • Factor libraries needed
  • List and specification of required data sources
  • Next steps

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