Elitmind celebrating 6th anniversary

26 October 2021

As time goes by, we finally see how much we have achieved since the beginning, and here we are – ready for new challenges and success, continue to accelerate the development of our clients by making data usage their competitive advantage.  Now it’s time to scale even more!

We successfully continue our pursuit to be the partner of the first choice in the implementation of projects related to modern analytical solutions. We are on track with new needs and opportunities in the use of data in business, technological changes affecting the potential of business analytics challenges accompanying data operationalization, as well as the value proposition, specialization, and company development plans. We faced several changes through these 6 years and became an ever-changing, constantly adapting agile organization, fueled by expertise and passion for data of our team.

Business built on partnership

In 2015, based on many years of experience in IT consulting and project management, two experts: Radosław Kępa and Robert Woźniak decided to join forces and together develop their passion for creating business solutions under the name, Elitmind. 

A company that was initially created solely by the hands of the founders, and its team is built under their considerable influence, naturally adopts their values, the approach to project implementation and the model of cooperation with clients. In this case, a certain kind of synergy is unique, resulting on the one hand from the natural necessity for Robert to have a very deep understanding of the needs and business problems related to the lack of proper tools. On the other hand – from the technological and architectural aspects, usually represented by IT needs, which are based on 20 years of experience, including the Microsoft Consulting Services team.

Offering tailor-made solutions

Elitmind has several services in the area of analytics, and one of them is the construction of a Modern Data Platform solution. It responds to the needs of rapidly assessing the potential of data, e.g. in terms of the application of machine learning solutions. What’s more, the design of our solutions allows for the simultaneous, consistent use of slow and fast-varying data, which directly responds to the needs of combining historical reporting with real-time data or IoT sources. 

Maciej Chojnacki, Head of Delivery:  
“We strive to be a leading analytical company on the Polish market and more and more noticeable on foreign markets. To meet these challenges, we constantly develop our team, focusing on our internal values, which enable us to provide analytical solutions based on the latest trends and market standards, often exceeding customer requirements. At the same time, we are working on the standards and quality of implemented solutions to provide modern solutions with the highest quality. Currently, most of our projects are implementations of modern analytical platforms built on cloud services, in which Machine Learning services are an inseparable element. Our strengths are still the implementation of Power BI and helping to implement a data-driven decision-making culture. We work with larger and larger companies and clients who want to build a competitive advantage based on data. “ 


Currently, our offer consists of services focused on consulting, customer support in creating corporate strategies in the area of analytics and Data Governance, implementation of modern analytical platforms, data warehouses, as well as Machine Learning / AI solutions and tools based on Power BI. We are also developing a new business line related to the maintenance of existing and new solutions in the DevOps model. 

We are also constantly increasing the scale of operations and expanding the team. Despite the pandemic, we managed to double our employment in 2020. We want to end this year with 70 percent. team growth.

Kinga Sekowska-Pratkowska, Head of People & Culture:

“We are changing for you – Data / AI specialists, people full of passion, willingness to develop, for whom quality and customer satisfaction are vital. All this using the latest Microsoft Azure solutions. The development of employees through the best matching of competencies to tasks and roles is one of our priorities, we leverage strengths. Continuous and clearly defined development is as part of technical, consulting, project management, business, and system analysis, as well as leadership, training, and business development paths. Our Seniors and Leaders are mentors, help set the direction of development, and share knowledge. Employees have the opportunity to learn about the latest Microsoft Azure solutions, or if they specialize in them, continue their adventure by developing their skills in Polish and international projects. For our employees, we focus on making the company not only a well-designed work environment but also friendly and one in which we have a lot in common.  The heart of our culture is cooperation, mutual support, and a partnership approach as well as well-being  (new benefit programs) and flexibility e.g. in terms of working hours. We are continuously aligning the work model with changing priorities and needs. We work remotely from different parts of Poland, so integration, joint activities, and simply having fun on a regular basis are essential for us.”


We put great emphasis on the development of internal production and management standards, which will allow us to spread our wings even more in 2022. We plan, among others expanding the catalog of services and engage in many new strategic initiatives. The year 2022 will be a breakthrough and full of changes for us.

Piotr Oracz, Head of Operations:
,,This year showed me that the most important for us is the ability to grow in a flexible and adaptive manner. We have achieved so much in terms of organizational structure and internal processes, which ensures that we provide the best quality projects for our clients in a predictive, structured, and trackable manner. Adapting to new post-pandemic circumstances led us to switch to remote-based work which was a challenge. In this remote work, the most important thing is to control the flow of information and automate – we will try to automate everything that is repetitive. We managed to act according to our core values despite the circumstances – which we are very proud of. We even managed to grow, despite the obvious obstacles. I am very happy to have an opportunity to work among great people who inspire me.”

We exceed the expectations

This is one of our core company values – it is also important that the customer has always been at the center of our professional experience. It is natural for us to engage in advisory activities, educate the market and use the latest technologies, including those that are not yet available to the public. This constant desire to spread knowledge and experience and to be the best has prompted us to build a new brand, Elitmind Academy, whose mission is to develop knowledge about the latest technologies and solutions for business. We are proud that the largest companies in Poland and globally are transforming into Data-Driven Organizations with our support.

Radosław Kępa, CEO/Digital Advisor:

“The last year has been a breakthrough for us for a hundred reasons. We are observing a breakthrough in the way of thinking and are already aware of our clients’ decisions to build modern cloud analytical platforms based on new architectural models. Our clients also notice that such projects must be implemented by companies that not only declare their willingness but have extensive experience in building still innovative and large data solutions. There are still very few such proven companies, and most importantly willing to implement innovative and risky projects. The conscious implementation of the mission with which Elitmind was created, based on comprehensive support for our clients from business and technology consulting, and focusing on the goals of their business, and not the desire to make a quick profit, brings results. Such partnerships based on real value withstand the greatest crises and allow us to develop steadily and build brand value”.

Already at the stage of preparing the concept of analytical solutions, a model of data sharing, in other words their commercialization, should be developed. Elitmind supports clients in this type of analysis thanks to several services in this area, and one of them is the construction of a Modern Data Platform solution. It responds to the needs of rapidly assessing the potential of data, e.g. in terms of the application of machine learning solutions. It also enables the quick release of a new version of the analytical model for business use, e.g. via a dedicated API. What’s more, the design of our solutions allows for the simultaneous, consistent use of slow and fast-varying data, which directly responds to the needs of combining historical reporting with real-time data or IoT sources.

Bright future

Robert Woźniak, CEO/Digital Advisor:

“We are optimistically looking forward. The future of our company and its development are steadily evolving, according to our plan and aspirations. We have come a long way since the very beginning and we are proud to say that we achieved more, than we initially expected. We continue to build the Elitmind brand as a trusted and reliable partner and provider of data solutions. We are sure, that thanks to our unique team and competencies we will continue to grow in an ever-changing business environment.”