Elitmind announces strategic partnership with Databricks

3 November 2021

Elitminda leading company that implements analytical projects based on the cloud, and Databricks, the leader in unified analytics founded by the original creators of Apache Spark™, has started a strategic collaboration. The aim is to accelerate business growth by adding value to their services.

What is the purpose of this partnership?

Sharing the same vision and the key goals led Elitmind and Databricks to expand lasting cooperation and turn it into a partnership with high growth potential.

‘Bringing in an analytical partner, we can meet growing customers’ expectations. And we hope that it will have an impact not only on our business but also on the industry’ – says Radosław Kepa, CEO for Elitmind.

The partnership brings a new quality to Elitmind products as it allows the effective use of cloud technology and better performance. Elitmind has already used cloud technology, but this move opens a new chapter in its history and makes it a future-ready company. 

What does this mean to the clients

This partnership brings a solution to the customer’s challenges. Elitmind will use Databricks tools to build next generation analytic solutions for big data, adjusted to individual needs and specific industries. Thanks to this innovative technology and Databricks Unified Analytics Platform, powered by Apache Spark, customers will take full advantage of their data.

First of all, it would be easier for companies to innovate with AI and accelerate their digital transformation. They can implement Databricks-based solutions accurately and quickly, using Databricks expertise.

In detail, these tools will speed up the development, increase data security, ease the process: from data preparation to production deployment, and lower DevOps costs.

‘We’re proud to be working with Databricks. Now we can deliver the highest products quality, and in the end, we will better address the customer’s needs, which is our top priority,’ – explains Robert Woźniak, Co-CEO for Elitmind.

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About Elitmind

Elitmind is a leading company that implements analytical projects based on the cloud. We work with companies that have built or want to build a work culture based on data values. What counts for our clients is not only the final product, but also the speed of implementation and flexibility. With the help of the staff of highly qualified experts, we carry out implementation projects by providing analytical tools and data platforms. We provide services for companies that want to build their competitive advantage based on data. We are data enthusiasts and enthusiasts of cloud technologies. We believe that the combination of these two elements allows us to provide the best solutions at the right time.

About Databricks

Databricks is the leader in unified analytics, founded by the creators of Apache Sparks. Databricks provides a big data processing platform. It’s a tool used by engineers, data scientists, and analysts who help to integrate AI solutions with the machine learning lifecycle.