DATA & TEXT MINING Reach for the knowledge hidden in the data

Thanks to advanced data and text mining methods, we can detect relationships and dependencies occurring in large data sets as well as predict the probability of certain market phenomena, such as churn or fraud. These methods are often used complementarily, which allows the creation of more accurate models.


Get gems from the mountains of data.

Theoretically, it is difficult to find conclusive findings and dependencies in a large amount of distributed data. But it’s just theoretically because in practice we give our clients a wide range of solutions that allow them to discover correlations and dependencies between data, even in large volumes. We match the best techniques with the needs of our clients: basket analysis, statistical methods, elements of fuzzy logic, classification, grouping, forecasting or association analysis.


Search between the lines.

Text mining is the process of extracting high quality information from text data of various types. Thanks to various techniques (e.g. text categorization, subject identification or sentiment analysis), text mining enables acquiring knowledge contained in texts. Finding patterns and trends is priceless for business today.

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