The Joy of the Projects – Elitmind Value Proposition 

10 March 2022

Key Points:

  • Elitmind is a trusted technology partner with a clear mission to accelerate the development ​of organizations ​by making data usage ​their competitive advantage.

  • Our work is based on passion, but we formalize it in the form of specific activities – Projects.

  • Each Project is an expression of our cooperation with Partners going beyond simply providing the appropriate technology. It’s the epitome of our Unique Value Proposition.

The world of modern technologies is extremely fascinating, but at the same time – demanding for all participants. Elitmind was established 6 years ago to enable all entities to effectively fulfill their mission without worrying about technical difficulties. We achieve this by transforming our Partners into data-controlled and data-driven businesses – which happens in the form of Projects. Passion is our hallmark, but we offer a very specific Value Proposition, which can be conventionally closed in the form of 12 points. They all contribute to the real Joy of the Projects – for us, as the creators of real value, and for our Partners, who are its final beneficiaries. 

1. Fully tailored solutions with the newest technology around 

Why are tigers orange? It doesn’t make any sense, there are better masking systems out there. Surely. At least until we realize that their preys see in a different spectrum than we do, not distinguishing between green and red. What is more, producing green fur would be very complicated and expensive biochemically – so the tiger is very effective and economically rational at the same time! Similarly, in the business world, there is no such thing as a “best” solution for every company. Everyone has different needs and expectations. We have mastered all the main cloud technologies on the market, so we can approach each project individually. The most modern data warehouse in the full cloud? Integration of existing systems? Hybrid on-premises and cloud approach? A reliable analyst with the use of AI? You name it! 

 2. The best consultants on the market (and beyond) 

The essence of the company is not the name, but the people who work in it. Elitmind consultants are not only passionate about the technologies they use but also real experts in their fields. Our average length of personal work experience is 9 years. We have full coverage in technology and management certification (Azure, SQL, Prince, Scrum…) and our project practice covers hundreds of completed initiatives in various areas – from data migration to IoT production processing reporting. We act as speakers at conferences and webinars: SQL Day, Data Science Summit, Data Community, and more. If you are looking for a trusted partner, it is worth betting on this unique mix of enthusiasm and experience. 

 3. Dedicated, trusted advisors in each Project  

At Elitmind, we do not have a position like a Customer Advocate. It was never needed – each of our consultants puts the recipients of our Projects first, in the spirit of the We are partners and We take responsibility values. Similarly, we have not developed the seemingly standard functions such as Project Manager or Account Executive. We think differently – we assign trusted advisors to each Project on the tactical (Project Owner) and strategic (Digital Advisor) levels. Regardless of the rest of the Project Team composition, they provide comprehensive support not only for a single initiative but also in terms of long-term development. Because we do care. 

 4. Flexible agreements: goal-oriented or work-based 

It is said that it is the journey that counts, not the destination. But pretty much everyone in IT disagrees… Fortunately, at Elitmind, we have both in mind. Before the Project itself, let’s think together about what our path should look like to the very end. Are we able to structure work well and predict the scope of work? If yes, then let’s set the Fixed Price model to our settlements to facilitate the entire process and secure the goals. On the other hand, if more flexibility is needed and we expect changes as a part of the Project, then we should focus on the proven Time & Material model. In this approach, we operate on hourly pools and roles, and the work plan results organically from the current needs. Let us remember our journey as a means to a satisfactory result, not as an obstacle. 

 5. Wide Proof of Concepts (POC) possibilities 

There is one IT truth to which everyone can agree – we all used to use Excel to handle important processes. The good old days. But the world is changing and so are we. That is why it is necessary to try new solutions and more effective processes in our business. To do it safely (and economically!), It’s worth doing a so-called Proof of Concept. These usually small projects are designed to check the expected solutions before the “big” all-in commitments. We love doing them as both sides learn new things from each other. Additionally, we can work together to reduce the costs by obtaining funding from an existing development program offered by our technology partners like Microsoft. 

 6. Modern project frameworks  

Random walk is a fascinating phenomenon in probability, but not in Project Management. That is why we do not leave such important things to chance. Our consultants and Project Owners can work in various frameworks – our favorites are agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban), but we do not avoid more classic approaches (Waterfall, Critical Path Method) where necessary. Let’s talk about what is the most important – deadlines, scope, cost, or maybe just the achievement of key functionalities? Together, we will select the appropriate work organization system to avoid sleepless nights. 

7. Effective discovery of the requirements (and possible surprises) 

It took years to discover the sea route from Europe to East Asia. Along the way, a new continent was discovered (who left it there?!). Analyzing business processes may be on a smaller scale, but it can also be full of surprises. Let’s do this together! In each Project, we conduct a professional Analytical Phase, during which we look at the current solutions and technology and work out precise requirements. It’s okay to start with high-level general problems – but they may not be enough to successfully complete the Project. Our Business Analysts, using repeatedly proven standards, will guide us through the discovery phase, make us aware of the risks, document the requirements, and formulate the expected final state. 

8. Comprehensive end-to-end testing 

According to urban legends, ancient bridge builders had to stand under their work to prove that their work was done correctly. Historical truth aside, although it would be a bit difficult to stand under a virtual cloud-based data warehouse, we are definitely taking the testing very seriously! It is an indispensable part of the entire project for us, which is to confirm compliance with expectations and identify possible imperfections. Our Business Analysts conduct the entire process, including designing a test strategy (also the most important ones: UAT – User Acceptance Tests), arranging test scenarios, and working directly with users. 

9. Building skills and knowledge  

Our mission is not to be a technology provider, but a trusted partner. That is why we do not use a closed solutions approach, the secrets of which are closely guarded. On the contrary – we support the full transfer of knowledge not only about the Project itself, but also about the effective use of new tools. We like to share our experiences! On the B2C market, we effectively operate as the Elitmind Academy, providing – among others – the best Power BI training in Poland. In the B2B area, we prepare professional, fully tailored training programs even for hundreds of employees. And don’t forget to join one of the many open webinars too! 

10. Rock-solid quality of our works 

The work bears witness to the creator. Our technological works meet the strictest standards available on the market. This is evidenced by official specialization titles, including Microsoft Gold Competencies, the elite Advanced Specialization in Analytics on Microsoft Azure (as the 18th company in the world!), and recently – Advanced Specialization in AI and Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure (as the 12th company in the world). These are not only decorations but above all – recognition of the skills of our Project Teams. Just to quote the justification of our Advanced Specialization: “Elitmind clearly demonstrated that they have both the skills and the experience to help our customers harness the power of insight and transform their businesses in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective way.” 

 11. Strategy assistance – proven adoption programs 

A Project is a method to build a specific solution. What with a greater perspective? What should our next steps be? How does this solution fit into the current technological and cultural ecosystem in my business? An appropriately constructed strategy provides answers to these questions. If something like this does not exist yet, we will help to build it. Our experienced managers will outline the opportunities and propose their effective implementation. We have done it many times, using the best available tools (e.g. Microsoft Power BI Adoption Framework or Cloud Adoption Framework). Let’s enjoy tactical successes, but at the same time plan bigger moves. 

12. Trouble-free support and maintenance 

When the emotions subside after implementing the Project, the routine of life begins. Users start working with new tools and new processes begin to function. It is natural that additional questions or previously unnoticed anomalies may arise. Elitmind does not leave its projects alone – we provide both additional care of the actual solution developers (the so-called hypercare period) and a fully professional support/maintenance team with strictly defined operating parameters (e.g. SLA). The trouble-free use of technology is as important to us as building it! 

Let’s embark on this technological journey together – see you on the next Project!