Elitmind has earned Advanced Specialization

12 August 2021

In June 2021 Elitmind has achieved Microsoft’s Advanced Specialization in Analytics on Microsoft Azure. This advanced specialization is an assurance that Elitmind meets the highest standards, confirm deep experience, high capabilities, and build strong connections with customers through their ability to plan and deliver tailored Microsoft analytics solutions using Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks, enabling clients to use the full potential of their data assets to help build transformative and secure enterprise-scale analytics solutions.

Elitmind is entitled to hold the Advanced Specialization title [Read the official letter] as on of only 18 Microsoft partners worldwide and 2nd based in Poland. 

What can Elitmind’s customers expect from an advanced specialization Partner? 

According to Microsoft blog – Advance specialization is a label for expertise, success and partnership. When making decisions about the companies choose to work with, customers want to understand their unique capabilities. Elitmind as Advanced Specialization Partner is ready to fulfill business requirements as he has proven high quality skills, knowledge, and processes.   

As analytics experts we have demonstrated that there is no business requirement, no challenge that we cannot solve. We love to struggle with analytical puzzles, and we are all data passionate. We believe that analytics and cloud solutions are an essential part of digital transformation journey for most of companies.  

 What does Advance Specialization confirm? 

Ok, so what’s exactly that title confirms? What will I benefit from cooperating with such a partner?

1. Architectural approaches according to best Microsoft’s practices. 

We can ensure you, that solution that we will design for you is developed according to latest Microsoft’s best practices and directions. Especially using Elitmind’s Modern Data Platform approach we can assure you that you will receive modern, best in class solution to fulfill your analytical requirements and will provide the most benefits from your data. 

2. Standardized processes and delivery approach. 

You can be sure that solution delivery and planning will be provided according to best standards. Starting with proper solution assessment and planning, connected with cloud services fit aligned to your financial and functional expectations. The next step is to design a solution to meet functional and non-functional requirements using Microsoft Azure Analytical services like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks and Power BI solutions.

3. Completeness and accuracy of the documentation provided. 

One is to properly design and deliver solutions. Other thing is to provide you complete documentation that will allow you to understand best what has been delivered and how to ensure proper service maintenance and further development. We put much attention on proper knowledge base and further knowledge sharing.

4. Compliance with Microsoft standards, especially utilization of Cloud Adoption Framework best practices 

We can assure you that all we do is aligned with Microsoft’s best practices in terms of Cloud adoption, cloud cost management, security, and best practices to deliver you top quality solution. Using Microsoft Azure services, we strive to design and deliver reliable, cost efficient and innovate analytical solutions that will serve you the best. 

 What’s next? 

Advanced analytics for business insights and adoption of cloud solutions will continue to gain importance for all digitally evolving organizations. Every organization that is moving its data into cloud will require efficient analytical solutions to measure and control its effectiveness. If you are looking for a partner, that will help you to get through analytical challenge, audit, assessment or to perform a Proof of Concept we encourage you to contact with us 

About Elitmind 

Elitmind is a leading company that implements analytical projects based on the cloud. We work with companies that have built or want to build a work culture based on data values. What counts for our clients is not only the final product, but also the speed of implementation and flexibility. With the help of the staff of highly qualified experts, we carry out implementation projects by providing analytical tools and data platforms. We provide services for companies that want to build their competitive advantage based on data. We are data enthusiasts and enthusiasts of cloud technologies. We believe that the combination of these two elements allows us to provide the best solutions at the right time.