Do I really need to maintain and support my data Platform and solution? | Elitmind Managed Services

26 April 2022

Did you think of support for your already established solution?

How many incidents or problems you could avoid having Maintenance processes and well-working support in place?

Which factors and KPIs are crucial to ensure effective support and maintenance?

Which elements of my system are sensitive and which one is most vulnerable?

Are those questions familiar to you?

In Elitmind we have grown in designing solutions and projects implementation but how important is adjusted support and maintenance?

We spent a long time supporting our client and adjusting our model of work to clients need and expectations.

What we have learned we brought in live establishing our Managed Services Department.

Our first main principle is to adjust our way of work and support to current client processes and business needs. Sometimes is just to join the well-organized team and provide specialized support to strengthen them but in other cases, we were asked to build everything from scratch.   Both scenarios are something we experienced and delivered as well as everything in between.

Dedicated single point of contact with customized processes, tailored service and support or extended support hours, and on-call service. Everything we already have on Board.

Well, support is crucial but for us, maintenance and proactive activities are even more important. Working with data we experienced many situations in those with proactive maintenance we were able to avoid problems and significantly shrink the number of incidents. Taking care and controlling processes of data load we are able to prevent errors and ensure stable platform and Data Warehouse work.

Maintenance and support are only two of four elements to ensure and deliver the expected quality. Optimization and improvement are another two to give the guarantee and put the Continuous Improvement process in place.

Another lesson learned we did is that nothing is perfect and life is forcing us to adapt to new changing reality. What was good yesterday for sure has to be adapted to fulfill future expectations.

Change is something that accompanies us every day. Implementing and bringing into use KAIZEN and Lean IT we know that the best way to drive and implement changes is through small and continuous improvements done every day. To stay open for every idea and proposal from users as they are experts in the use of our systems and data platforms we implemented.

To be able to build and adapt that philosophy we introduced some methodologies, processes, and recommendations like Lean IT, DevOps model, or ITIL.

When our approach has been changed the rest are just simple steps to provide the tools needed to register and track activities.

Single point contact support processes and procedures became the last obvious step for us.

You will not find Levels one, two, or even three in our support team. We build a Center of Expertise where everyone is an expert. Everyone has their own domain and can support cross-functional teams.

We believe that such a model brings more value and shortens the time and effort spent on incidents and problem-solving.

If you find here one point which sounds familiar to you if one of our principles and values are important to you and you feel that our philosophy is close to yours, feel free to contact us:

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