5 years of Elitmind – how corporate values translate into our daily work

21 October 2020

We decided to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Elitmind by creating a series of occasional content – this time we show what the values ​​in Elitmind are and how slogan translates into practice.

Values ​​at Elitmind have always been a very important issue – from the very beginning, Radek and Robert have known that we do not want to be another just another random company on the Polish market and that we want these values ​​to translate into work with our team, but also our partners:

– Building company identity -> internally and building the employer’s brand externally

– Creating a framework for cooperation and a way of working inside Elitmind and with customers

– Creating a team:

  • Recruitment of people fitting in our team

– Development according to the values ​​of Elitmind:

  • Development path/promotions
  • Implementation of initiatives consistent with the values
  • Mutual feedback based on values!

Our values ​​result directly from our mission and vision

Mission: Our mission is to accelerate the development of organizations by making data usage their competitive advantage.

Vision: Our vision is to be the first-choice partner for customers looking for Data & AI solutions – in the form of graphics.

The first values ​​were developed jointly with the team during workshops that showed the unique features that characterize us as a company.

– TURN ON ENERGY – We drive changes in organizations. We share knowledge and learn from the best.

– HAVE IMPACT – We create solutions, help to look at the problem from a different perspective and make the best decisions. We take responsibility for the growth of the company.

– BE BOLD – We challenge the status quo. We are not afraid of new, cutting-edge solutions.

– BUILD TRUST – We make a good team; we share common goals. We rely on honest, open communication.

– BE AGILE – We design flexible solutions. We are constantly changing for the better.

With the constantly growing team, the fifth anniversary of the company is a good time to return to the workshops and refresh our values. ​​Despite remote work, we jointly organized a short workshop during which we worked on the refreshed values ​​and together, in groups, we developed examples from our everyday life at Elitmind.

Consultation and conversations with the team led us to refresh our new values. The team divided into groups has prepared the following attitudes, which we identify with our values ​​in our daily work:

We are constantly developing

Gaining new competencies, skills and experience is our passion. We combine individual development goals with the company’s aspirations, thanks to which we act as pioneers.

An integral part of work at Elitmind is development: we certify, conduct training, participate in conferences, and organize a series of meetings named ElitShare, where we share our knowledge.

We also observe technological innovations and try to implement them in projects.

We exceed expectations

We are inquisitive and always looking for new solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients, business partners and colleagues. We deeply care about the highest quality of solutions, timeliness, simplicity and business/cost effectiveness of the solutions and services provided.

We set the bar high for ourselves and we demand it from ourselves – we don’t let go of creating results – the high quality of our work is in our DNA.

We work with clients and partners to provide a solution to the problem that is best for them – the client’s good first – we educate our partners on how much they can “extract” from data and, for example, how to properly present them.

The team in the first place!

We believe that there is power in the team. We pursue a common goal, helping each other in everyday work, sharing knowledge and skills.

We are partners

We create relationships based on open and direct communication and respect. We share feedback and appreciate each other.

One for all, all for one is our motto. We support each other as a team – we support other team members regardless of their role; share our knowledge to be able to use it and become inspired by our actions. The client is also a member of our team – we build relationships through joint work, feedback and joint development.

First of all, we respect each other – regardless of our views and position in the company. Every voice and idea counts – we work as a team, regardless of formal roles and seniority. We communicate widely with the 0 team, we want everyone to know what our plans are and what we are working on. We do not hide challenges and problems – we look for solutions to them together. We give each other feedback – we talk and exchange observations properly.

We take responsibility

We take responsibility for the end result, regardless of our role in the project. We take the initiative – we take action and deliver results that we are proud of.

As a team, we take the initiative, but also often we don’t limit ourselves only to our tasks, bringing things to the end. If we see any bugs (we’re just human) then we admit to them and fix them – we don’t wait for bug fixing. Each member of our team is the face of Elitmind – what we do has an impact on the team and its perception.

To sum up – Some ideas and attitudes interpenetrate and are an integral part of our values. We are happy that in the team we have been able to distinguish the common features that have identified us and fitted into our DNA at Elitmind for over five years.

If you think the above issues are also relevant to your work and you want to work with a team of mature Data / AI experts – check our career tab (link here) and join our team.